Black Women Hack (BWH)

Networking and group messaging

Black Women Hack (BWH) helps women with education and mentorship grow their ethical hacking and penetration testing. The users can connect and chat with each other in real-time and watch exclusive ethical hacking content, live pen testing, and hacking live training content.

We have brought a platform for women where they can gather virtually, talk, chat, learn and help each other in growth. Like there are chat platforms for gamers, our app provides live group video call, video chat, video messaging, and group chat platform. Using this app, you will be able to make friends, group messaging and discuss hacking and pen-testing as well as learning.

There are some differences between ethical hacking and Penetration testing though they are interchangeable.

All hacking methodologies are included in ethical hacking, and it is aimed to identify vulnerabilities and fix them before a cyberattack. In comparison, pen-testing aims to find malicious content and risks and strengthen an organization’s security system. These two are alike, except ethical hacking encompasses a broader perspective in cybersecurity.

Women interested in learning cyber defense, hacker software, programming, cyber and privacy law, web security, and anti-hacking protection can use our platform to learn, share and grow. If they need to talk about what they have learned, this app gives the scope. Any discussion related to hacking (ethical) and pen testing can be done using our app. This app is one of the best communication apps that allows you to meet and make friends and learn together.

Key features:

–             Only for women

–             A platform for group chat, live video chat and group video chat

–             Educational platform for ethical and Penetration hacking learning

–             Helps create a vast network of tech freaks

–             A platform to help each other learning and growing

In today’s world of technology, cybersecurity learning apps are essential. But women can’t always go everywhere to learn and execute these things. Our community app brings the opportunity for all women to gather at one place where they can network, group- chat, group-meet, view and learn content related to cyber hacking and cyber-security. If you are interested in hacking games, this platform is for you. You can learn ethical hacking by viewing live hacking exercises. Just like people use skype for business, you can use our app for learning.

We don’t help you be a hacker or cyber hacker; we help you learn ethical hacking that helps you protect your system from cyber-attacks. This app is a home for all the women who are into techs. Using this social networking site, women can message, video chat as well as learn from one another.

Cybersecurity tutorials are available on the platform; you can access all the content just by spending a small amount of money as it is a membership-only platform. Just by paying a small amount of money, you can learn life hacks related to cyber hacking, security, and anti-hacking protection. This app is the most wonderful platform for networking and learning.

If you are a black woman interested in learning all about cyber securities, install this Black Women Hack (BWH) app and start your lessons on ethical hacking and pen-testing.